Everything reimagined.

So what does Unsame mean for you?

Our goal is to change retail spaces.
The world of shopping has changed.
You can buy anything, from anywhere – online.


Each of your property assets appeal to different segments of the population who have different wants and different needs.

  • One segment may be the youth, where socialising is the main attraction – both online and off.
  • Another may be locals, who like the idea of a beating heart in their area.
  • Yet another may want to escape the humdrum for the excitement of a different world.

These malls may all have shops and restaurants and cinemas BUT each of them offers people unique reasons to visit.


Quite simply:

A mall isn’t a mall isn’t a mall. They are each UNSAME.

connecting our
people with our
spaces again.

Let’s apply our UNSAME thinking to some of the malls in your portfolio.